Friday, 7 July 2017

Marble Stone Restoration with Patented Products

Marble is a beautiful natural stone that raises the beauty of every room, wherever it is installed. It comes in incredible color options that can make floors, countertops or showers look eye-catchy. But, it also demands the ultimate protection to keep its beauty, else it will look mediocre. Cleaning the stone using cheap products doesn’t release the stains properly and also causes etching issues while affecting the integrity of the surface. If your marble is etched or stained badly, only we can deliver it that fresh new look without causing damage to the stone with our quality marble cleaning service in Marietta.

Once the marble surface has been cleaned, the grout must be sealed since it plays an important role on floors, countertops or in showers by filling the gaps between the tiles. If the grout is not protected with powerful products, it will ruin the stone while staining the entire surface. Water based sealers just cover the grout and they will peel within months, allowing mold and stains to take place. Once liquids, drinks or water is spilled on the surface, the grout will absorb it, causing mold and stains.
Our grout sealing service doesn’t only coat the grout, it eliminates these issues permanently. We protect the grout with Caponi – a two part pigmented titanium epoxy/resin sealer. It seeps into the floor or walls while locking our all the stains. Caponi creates a waterproofed surface and prevent chemicals, water or any liquids from damaging the grout. Caponi makes the floor, shower or countertop look beautiful with its sleek finish and over 40 color options to choose from.

We replace the caulk in corners with Sentura, which is a pigmented flexible solvent resin designed with a 1200psi adhesion. Caulking or recaulking is just a burden for the entire floor or wall as it doesn’t protect the surface from stains and also makes it look bad with a bulky appearance. Sentura is a waterproof product that can never be damaged by harsh chemicals and moisture. We can pigment it in more than 40 colors to make your shower or floor look beautiful.

If there are cracking issues, we can rectify them using the same product – Sentura that bonds the cracked tile and grout strongly. It blends the cracks in the surface and leaves them with a lush natural look. If there is already an extra tile, we replace the cracked tile, else we repair it as the new tile cannot suit the current project’s needs due to the dye lot color. Cracked or missing grout should always be repaired with high quality products since regrouting peels and wears off the surface within months.
Marble is also just like grout, which comes with pores that will open once the stone has been cleaned. They absorb moisture, which causes stains and the birth of mold. Our natural stone sealing process doesn’t just coat marble, it creates a hydrophobic surface to prevent the passage of moisture. Repela-Bond is an invisible clear resin water based sealer, making the stone waterproof while leaving it with a natural beauty. Celine is a clear topical solvent based resin sealer, closing all the stone pores while penetrating deep into marble to stop the occurrence of mold, mildew and stains. Celine also adds a new sheen to marble.
After we leave, you can easily maintain your restored marble floor, shower or countertop using Valore – an incredible maintenance cleaner. It will keep the look of your stone with less effort and will extend your marble restoration warranty up to 5 years.
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