Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Marble Restoration in Atlanta

Atlanta, has your marble lost its luster and is looking dull with all the stains? We will make your stone look fresh and new again with our patented marble restoration service in Atlanta. First, we will clean the entire surface with a deep penetrating cleaner, which not only cleans the stone, but also preps and sanitizes it while releasing all the deep stains. Marble should always be sealed once it is cleaned to prevent further staining issues.

We will protect the surface from stains, mold and etching for a lifetime with our patented marble sealing process in Atlanta. Our natural look sealers soak deep into the stone stopping stains and mold from taking place while delivering a lush natural look. Now, the stone needs that sheen, which once glistened across your surface and we will achieve this with our incredible marble polishing service in Atlanta.

Our clear topical product polishes the surface and the coating protection at the same time. Unlike other processes, our Atlanta marble polishing service delivers an astonishing shine to the stone without etching and staining issues.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Ask More of your Marble than a Burden

Marble makes homes or buildings look beautiful and elegant with its attractive color variations. But, if you are not taking the proper care, it will be nothing short of a burden. Marble is same as the beach sand, allowing moisture to soak deep into it and that’s what causes stains and mold. If your stone is stained and etched, only we can make it glisten again with our patented marble cleaning service in Atlanta.

Our quality cleaner seeps into the tile and grout removing all the deep stains, mold and etching. It also preps marble while striping any sealers if present in the surface. Just cleaning process is not enough to keep the look of the stone, which is very porous and will stain again. Our astonishing marble sealing service in Atlanta creates a hydrophobic surface preventing the stone from allowing the passage of liquids, staining the surface.

This result would not be achievable without Repela-Bond – a natural look penetrating sealer. D’Sapone carries a 5 year labor warranty on its stone restoration service, if maintained with Valore – a maintenance cleaner and sealer, sanitizing the stone while adding a coating protection.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Cultured Marble Shower Restoration in Atlanta

Cultured marble showers stain and etch very fast due to the soap scum and hard water. If the proper care is not taken, the stone will make the entire shower look worse in a short order. Most contractors use low quality cleaners and sealers that last only for 6 months. D’Sapone has an exclusive agreement with pFOkUS – one of the most popular restoration products manufacturing companies. We provide the best cultured marble services in Atlanta .

We Apply Benaz – an exquisite cleaner, to the entire surface eliminating all the soap scum, etching and hard water stains without damaging the stone. Not only do we clean the shower, as cleaning just remove the stains that can further occur. We coat the cultured marble with Celine – a clear topical resin solvent based sealant. It is one of the most powerful sealers in the world. Celine doesn’t only coat the top of the surface, it penetrates deep while creating a hydrophobic surface with a slight sheen.

Once we coat your cultured marble shower with Celine, it will be protected from hard water stains, mold and etching for years with a 5 year labor warranty. 

Friday, 6 January 2017

Cleaning Marble to the Next Level in Atlanta

Marble looks elegant with its color variations, but it also stains in a short order since it is porous and absorbs moisture. If this happened, D’Sapone will bring back that cleanliness to your stone you strive for with a patented marble tile cleaning service in Atlanta. We have an exclusive partnership with pFOkUS, producing high quality cleaners and sealers. We spray Imperia, seeping deep into the surface releasing all the stains, mold and sealers.

Grout is also very porous as it is a cemented material, allowing the occurrence of stains and mold easily. Grout needs the same attention as marble tiles, else it will ruin the entire floor or shower within months. We lift all the deep stains, etching, mold and any sealers with our incredible marble grout cleaning service in Atlanta. Not only do we clean the marble surface as cleaning just removes the stain that can further take place.

We prevent the stone from retaining liquids, causing stains and mold, with our astonishing marble sealing process in Atlanta. D’Sapone also carries a 5 year labor warranty.