Thursday, 13 April 2017

Preserving the Beauty of Marble with Quality Sealers in Atlanta

Marble renders a pretty aspect with its charming color variations. Cleaning, sealing and polishing are the processes to keep its beauty, but the wrong service will make it look mediocre while etching the surface. Not only do we bring that perfect cleanliness to the floor, shower or countertop, but also preserve its beauty with our patented marble sealing service in Atlanta. Before we seal the stone, we perform some quality restorations taking the surface to that brand new look.

Anything comprising of acids, such as soft drinks and cleaners, etches marble. Most companies use regular cleaners, removing stains at the top of the stone while causing etching issues. If this happened to your marble, only we can clean, prep and sanitize it without damaging the surface with our quality marble tile cleaning process. Imperia – an exquisitely designed cleaner from pFOkUS, not only removes stains on the surface, it penetrates deep to lift stains, mold, mildew and sealers present in the stone. 

Cleaning is just a first process towards a successful restoration that just eliminates the damages. Grout – a concrete based material, fills voids between the tiles and it absorbs moisture at a rapid pace, staining the grout. If the correct care is not taken, stains will take place over the entire surface. After we clean marble, we always perform grout sealing with Caponi – a two part pigmented titanium resin sealer. Not only does it seal the grout, it delivers a lush natural look to the floor or walls with its perfect color and sleek finish. Caponi is a shower approved sealer, soaking into the grout to create a waterproofed surface.

After marble is cleaned and the grout is sealed, we coat the stone with the most powerful sealers in the world. Repela-Bond – an invisible clear resin water based sealer, goes deep into marble while coating the stone to prevent liquids from passing through it. It brings a natural look to marble. Celine – a clear topical solvent based resin sealer, waterproofs marble while closing the pores to halt stains and the growth of mold. It leaves the surface with a new refined beauty.

We deliver a 5 year labor warranty on our marble restoration service with the use of Valore – a maintenance cleaner. Valore can be applied with little effort and it will extend your stone restoration warranty up to 5 years. It will sanitize your marble and add a coat of sealer to it at the same time.

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