Friday, 6 January 2017

Cleaning Marble to the Next Level in Atlanta

Marble looks elegant with its color variations, but it also stains in a short order since it is porous and absorbs moisture. If this happened, D’Sapone will bring back that cleanliness to your stone you strive for with a patented marble tile cleaning service in Atlanta. We have an exclusive partnership with pFOkUS, producing high quality cleaners and sealers. We spray Imperia, seeping deep into the surface releasing all the stains, mold and sealers.

Grout is also very porous as it is a cemented material, allowing the occurrence of stains and mold easily. Grout needs the same attention as marble tiles, else it will ruin the entire floor or shower within months. We lift all the deep stains, etching, mold and any sealers with our incredible marble grout cleaning service in Atlanta. Not only do we clean the marble surface as cleaning just removes the stain that can further take place.

We prevent the stone from retaining liquids, causing stains and mold, with our astonishing marble sealing process in Atlanta. D’Sapone also carries a 5 year labor warranty.

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