Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Marble Restoration in Atlanta

Atlanta, has your marble lost its luster and is looking dull with all the stains? We will make your stone look fresh and new again with our patented marble restoration service in Atlanta. First, we will clean the entire surface with a deep penetrating cleaner, which not only cleans the stone, but also preps and sanitizes it while releasing all the deep stains. Marble should always be sealed once it is cleaned to prevent further staining issues.

We will protect the surface from stains, mold and etching for a lifetime with our patented marble sealing process in Atlanta. Our natural look sealers soak deep into the stone stopping stains and mold from taking place while delivering a lush natural look. Now, the stone needs that sheen, which once glistened across your surface and we will achieve this with our incredible marble polishing service in Atlanta.

Our clear topical product polishes the surface and the coating protection at the same time. Unlike other processes, our Atlanta marble polishing service delivers an astonishing shine to the stone without etching and staining issues.

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