Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Cultured Marble Shower Restoration in Atlanta

Cultured marble showers stain and etch very fast due to the soap scum and hard water. If the proper care is not taken, the stone will make the entire shower look worse in a short order. Most contractors use low quality cleaners and sealers that last only for 6 months. D’Sapone has an exclusive agreement with pFOkUS – one of the most popular restoration products manufacturing companies. We provide the best cultured marble services in Atlanta .

We Apply Benaz – an exquisite cleaner, to the entire surface eliminating all the soap scum, etching and hard water stains without damaging the stone. Not only do we clean the shower, as cleaning just remove the stains that can further occur. We coat the cultured marble with Celine – a clear topical resin solvent based sealant. It is one of the most powerful sealers in the world. Celine doesn’t only coat the top of the surface, it penetrates deep while creating a hydrophobic surface with a slight sheen.

Once we coat your cultured marble shower with Celine, it will be protected from hard water stains, mold and etching for years with a 5 year labor warranty. 

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  1. Hello Anthony,
    You have given very clean and detailed description about cultured marble here. There you mention Benaz as well as Celine. I knew about Benaz, I want to know about Celine, if you elaborate more... it will be helpful to extend my tile and grout cleaning services in Atlanta